French photographer, Matthieu Salvaing live in Paris and has been travelling the world for over twenty years.

He learned photography and developed his style in Arles and produced his first photo documentary in Andalusia at the age of 16. His departure for South America a year later was the beginning of a long and intimate encounter with Latin countries, especially Brazil, where he spent most of his time.

These long stays in Brazil led to a strong friendship and a beautiful collaboration with Oscar Niemeyer, to whom he dedicated an important monograph published in 2008 by Assouline.

His eye for detail and his ability to capture the soul of a place lead him to architectural and design photography, collaborating with the great names as well as with the talents of tomorrow. From the Shakespearean castles of Scotland to the brutalist villas of the Bay of Acapulco, he travels the world in images, resulting in numerous international publications.

Passionate about people, travel and the art of living, his photography explores reportage, portraits and lifestyle. He regularly works with numerous luxury brands and international press titles as well as with publishing houses to highlight the work of artists and designers.
He is also interested in film sets, signing series dedicated to film sets such as the famous "2046" by Wong Kar Wai.

At the same time, Matthieu Salvaing devotes himself to a more personal work of documentary photography and is currently preparing book projects, notably on the destruction of cities and their reconstruction in South Lebanon... A symbol of new urbanistic conceptions, this reconstruction is also a catalyst for major changes in social practices. His project is to go and meet the architecture of a society in full mutation, between crisis and desolation, where the youth invests the street, the creation and seeks a future. For the past two years, he has also been documenting African vernacular architecture, an inexhaustible source of art and history that gives him the opportunity to return to film photography.

In 2020, Rizzoli NY published a monograph on him, Voyages intérieurs, which takes him to the heart of the most mythical residences he has photographed in the world in recent years. Each one is inhabited by its own history and is unlike any other, so strong and singular is its universe. Always sensitive to the identity of a place, the relationship of man to architecture and design, he tirelessly travels the world to capture the extra soul that artists and creators bring to their work, in order to share the emotion with the public.

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Instagram : @matthieusalvaing

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